MUG Cert

MUG Cert proves that you items are genuine
We guarantee of it


How will you recognize an item you want to buy is genuine?

Many people have an experience of buying some second-hand items. It might be from an auction, web market, or any personnel. Are you 100% sure that the seller is reliable and the items are genuine?
In a research, fake items are the shadows of luxury goods. The bigger the luxury market, the bigger the fake market. The size of global fake market is estimated around 15 billion dollars. Although the product makers print a paper called ‘product certificate’ and put it in the same box, it does not take a minute to copy the paper.

Is certificates in NFT format 100% reliable?

Imagine that you use a Non-fundgible token to prove your item is genuine. You can easily copy or download it. You can even deploy a new NFT with the file you downloaded. Then, how can a NFT be a genuine-proof method?
In 2022, Elon Musk(CEO of TESLA) downloaded some NFT images and used it as his Twitter profile image to show that NFTs are actually fundgible. It showed that an image-file NFT cannot be used as a genuine-proof method.

Graphic Designers

In-game Graphics/Character Designers of Metavers Universal Games

  • There are 2 graphic designers currently working for MUG!
  • We will announce them shortly!

Community Managers

SNS Community Managers of Metaverse Universal Games

  • Twitter/Instagram Manager – Ms. Akime
  • Telegram Manager – J.J.
  • Discord Manager – TBA

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